ASVCares Grant Application

In an effort to remove barriers to attending the annual ASV conference, ASV offers need-based fellowship assistance to support child/dependent care. The fellowship is intended to offset additional childcare costs associated with conference attendance, rather than routine childcare costs that you would typically pay for your normal work hours.

Eligibility requirements:

You must be a member of ASV and have one or more dependents under 18 years of age or a special-needs dependent. Only one parent of a child or children may apply. Note that you do not need to submit an abstract, and ASVCares fellowships are independent of Travel Award Applications. It is thus possible that you could apply for and be awarded a Travel Award (for your own travel) and an ASVCares Fellowship.

Fellowship application

Application for ASVCares fellowship must be submitted online to ASV by April 17, 2020. Applications will be received and considered on a rolling basis, typically within 4 weeks of application. Please note that the exact amount of fellowship may not match your request and will depend on the ASV resources available.